Licenses Policy

CrackForest is a website where you will find lots of premium popular themes, plugins, templates, extensions, software, scripts etc for free or for the cheapest price. CrackForest itself doesn’t develop or offer those items. All of them we bought from the original author/provider & upload them to our Amazon S3 Server to reach them to you via CrackForest. You’ll receive the exact .zip file you would download from the original author. All Files 100% Virus Free.

Required License Terms

  • If the license key is optional to use the item then we do/may not provide license, but if it’s required to use the item than we may include that in the order email or can give you in the other way, maybe we can ask your login so we can put keys in the place and activate that item for you. (if license/api key is must for any product than you can find the actual policy in that product page.)  Still have question? Feel Free to Ask →
  • We don’t provide any technical support for the items displayed on but we help if any of our item doesn’t work as the original item.

Optional License Terms

  • In most of the cases license is optional to use the original product, in this case we do/may not provide the license. Your can keep using the original product without license key & get update from our website manually. How I can update manually? reserves the right to change or modify the above license terms any time without any prior notice.